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RetroPi project public price

This WE (28/6), maach3 presented its first project at the Pi and More exhibition in Trier (DE).

The trip was accompanied by 3 of our teachers and 5 students from the 10TG1 class. Together, they (re)presented the LTEttelbruck and also our Arduino projects together with maach3’s RetroPi arcade project. The latter won the public voting price for best project. Nice work!

IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2111 IMG_2112

Luxembourg’s 1st makerspace!

Welcome to the makerspace exchange platform of Luxembourg.

Since 2010, the technical high school of Ettelbruck tries to push excellence in innovative technologies. LTEttelbruck tries to bring the leap of current science to its own students, giving them the possibility to get their hands on the best educational technologies.

This open exchange platform will allow makerspaces to share ideas, thoughts, projects and experience with each other. Everybody is free to register in order to blog their share to our site.

Our makerspace project was launched on a TEDx event on march 6, 2013. You can see the talk in our post here.

Since ICT Spring 2015, a national makerspace movement has emerged based on the concepts developed by maach3’s space. BEE Creative, being part of the Digital(4)Education initiative of the MEN, is being deployed nationally as we type this.

For more information, please email us!


We are launched

Since this march 6, is officially launched!

So this means now that we gotta get into gears to make this awesome idea a reality. I really hope to find some sponsors for our purchases and some supporters at our ministry of education.

As soon as the launching session of TEDx Luxembourg is online, I will post the link here.