BEE Creative launched makerspaces

Since April 21 2015, the SCRIPT together with SNJ launched the BEE Creative project, whose objective it is to empower students with new technologies. The main idea is based on the concept developed by maach3’s creator, Marc TEUSCH, and the LTEttelbruck‘s approach to innovative educational philosophy.

In a near future, schools will be able to create their own makerspace or profit from an existing one in their neighborhood. The space itself will provide several possibilities of interactions :

  • regular workshops at all levels
  • weekly meetups for interest groups or socializing

Based on the concept of hackerspaces, the makerspaces will carry a large infrastructure which all students can profit from. The space activities and workshops will always be under the guidance of a pedagogue who will ensure the quality of the ongoing activity.

Interested? The join us for your first activity or a discussion. More coming soon to our schedule section!