Our Services

Since 2014, we have been providing services to existing and new makerspaces in the luxembourgish schools. As such, we have referenced some of our services on these pages. If you have any needs of support not listed here, please feel free to contact us directly.


We can provide you assistance with your makerspace needs. A visit to your space and a discussion about your equipment needs is possible.

Contact us for more information!

Demo workshops

If you are planning a school fest or simply want to show your staff what is possible, we can come by and deliver demo workshops of many subjects. Contact us for detailed requests.

Makerspace courses

Through the IFEN, we can provide you with a wide variety of trainings, such as:

  • how to run a makerspace
  • introduction to 3D printing
  • introduction to lasercutting

Log in to the IFEN website and search for “makerspace” trainings to get a list of workshops we offer.


Right now, we have 3 persons in our team working for the SCRIPT BEE Creative project.

  • Marc TEUSCH, project leader
  • Claude WOLTER, Lasercutting expert, project manager
  • Claude LAGODA, 3d expert, project manager

You can contact via email on script”at”makerspace.lu or via our contact page available on this website.

You can book our trainings via the IFEN website. Just log yourself onto the site with your IAM credentials and search for “makerspace” trainings.

Yes, all of our trainings are officialls registered via the IFEN system. This means that you can get your hours officially registered as a part of your training hours you will need to cover with your career.